Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

How To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

Contrary to popular belief, keeping a cat indoors is not cruel or equivalent to imprisoning or holding them as prisoners.

While it’s true that cats can like being outside, letting them out also exposes them to a variety of risks. If they’re unlucky, they may never come home, leaving you to wonder what happened to them.

Although cats are territorial hunters, this doesn’t mean they can’t have fun and lead happy lives in their own homes. Simply make sure that you properly enhance their environment.

You can ensure that your cat lives contentedly indoors and never misses the outdoors with the correct equipment.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

Cats need to feel secure in their territory because of their innate sense of territoriality. Their stress levels are reduced when they aren’t leaving their territory to examine other places and when no other cats are invading it.

Not convinced?

1. Indoor cats are less exposed to diseases

Outside cats are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, including dangerous ones like FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), and FIP (Feline Peritonitis).

The virus that causes HIV or AIDS in humans and FIV are quite similar. Although it cannot be passed from one species to another, it can be extremely harmful to your feline pet. If your cat is asymptomatic, it might not be feasible to tell without a test for a while. This is troublesome because a positive prognosis depends on how the disease is treated.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

FeLV is a retrovirus that can induce a number of lethal diseases when the immune system is unable to eliminate it. The major risk is that the infection may go unnoticed for years before you notice any symptoms, at which point it may be too late to take any action.

The feline coronavirus, which is the root cause of FIP, spreads throughout the body by exploiting the antibodies already present as carriers. It’s a terrible illness to see, and there is no way to stop it because there is no treatment.

2. Cats are predators and skilled hunters

Cats are adept predators that may cause havoc in their immediate habitat. This means that even if you don’t worry about your cat, you should keep your cat inside if you enjoy watching birds or other small creatures in your neighborhood.

Cats frequently hunt for enjoyment, therefore they are widely regarded in many areas as severe threats to threatened wildlife. Before letting them out to “enjoy themselves,” keep this in mind.

3. There are other predators out there

Your tiny house cat, while agile, won’t stand a chance against foxes or other larger, more competent predators if you live in a neighborhood with them.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

It’s better to be safe than sorry since you wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to the screams of your pet being torn apart by another animal.

Keep your cat warm and safe inside your home with you because this kind of event occurs more frequently than you might think.

4. Fertile cats will not contribute to the overpopulation of strays

Unfixed cats will go out and breed, aggravating the stray overpopulation problem that is a major problem in many parts of the world. Consider all the possible kittens that would never find homes and would ultimately be put to death at some animal control facility if your kitty friend weren’t kept inside.

As long as we’re talking about it, fix your cat. There is no need for additional breeders in the world, so it is the moral thing to do.

5. They won’t get into fights

Cats are fiercely possessive and frequently engage in combat with other cats over mating rights, territorial disputes, and other issues.

It’s best to prevent the potential that your cat will get into these conflicts because it’s possible either way that they won’t be okay.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

They might engage in conflict with other cats, but they could also be attacked by dogs, and smaller breeds are typically no match for larger ones, especially if they have been trained. So you’d better keep your cat indoors if you don’t want him to become dinner for the neighbor’s dog.

6. You can better monitor your cat’s health

You won’t notice any changes in your cat’s stool or pee that could be early indicators of medical conditions that need to be treated if they frequently relieve themselves outside in arbitrary patches of dirt and gardens nearby.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

Although maintaining a litter box at home may seem like a hassle and an eyesore, it is the quickest and most straightforward way for you to recognize when something is wrong with your cat.

7. If your cat has long hair, they will stay cleaner longer

You definitely wouldn’t be happy to learn that just a few hours later their coat is full of dirt and who knows what else if you have a long-haired breed and had to spend a lot of time going at them with a cat brush.

Although cats are naturally tidy creatures, long-haired cats may find it more difficult to maintain their cleanliness if allowed to wander freely around the gardens of their neighborhood.

8. Your cat won’t bring unwelcome parasites into your house

There are few things as hard and unpleasant to deal with than parasite infestations inside your home.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

A cat that explores any gardens and comes into contact with other animals can easily bring fleas and ticks inside where they can lay eggs in your carpets and curtains.

9. Cats can be perfectly happy living solely inside

Your cat can be made to feel completely content indoors. When animals won’t miss something they don’t know, this is especially simple if you have them since they are kittens.

Cats may have just as much fun indoors as they can outdoors with the help of items like cat tunnels, towers, and scratching posts.

10. You won’t have to worry about your cat being run over by a car

Every day all throughout the world, tens of thousands of cats are hit by cars or tumble from tall buildings. Let’s be honest.

Our feline buddies aren’t particularly well-equipped to deal with all the dangers that urban living may bring.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

The best way to avoid getting a call from a driver giving you horrible news is to keep your cat inside your house.

11. Your cat will be much less likely to be stolen

This is a problem that occurs around the world, particularly in affluent areas of large cities, and when famous cats and pricey breeds are involved.

Your cat can be taken to be utilized in an unauthorized breeding program or to intimidate you into paying a ransom to get them back. Both scenarios are terrifying for pet owners who care for their pets.

12. You can know what your cat is eating

A cat living inside has access to only what is within, which is under your control. As a result, your cat won’t be tempted to consume harmful human foods or gnaw on readily available poisonous plants in gardens close to your home.

13. You won’t get complaints from neighbours

You won’t have to hear about your cat ruining your neighbor’s garden if it stays inside.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

14. Your mind will be at ease

Knowing that your feline buddy is secure inside the home you have created and customized for their needs can put your mind at ease if you are concerned about them.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

15. You’ll sleep with a cuddly friend

If your cat doesn’t spend the night outside, they’ll likely come to you to cuddle on frigid nights. Nothing is more relaxing than having a purring cat by your side or feet.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat Indoors? 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t

In conclusion, keeping a cat inside is not at all cruel.

Cats can live outside, or at the very least, they can be permitted to go outside whenever they like, but if you consider the dangers they would face outside, it becomes evident that keeping cats inside is the more responsible and devoted choice.

Simply raise and keep your feline companion as an indoor cat if you want them to have a long, healthy life and if you don’t want to constantly fear the worst when they are late for supper.

If you provide kids with a ton of toys, activities, and entertainment, they will live healthy, happy lives.

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