Stop Your Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere: 7 Methods

If you own a cat, you most likely have a litter box, and if you do, you are probably all too familiar with cat litter tracking around your house.

Cat litter seems to get everywhere in the house for some reason.

Here are 7 suggestions to help you stop litter from tracking around your house:

This is brought by by litter that sticks to your cat’s paws; when they move about the house, they distribute it everywhere they go.

1. Use A Cat Litter Mat

The use of a cat litter pad is a genius idea for preventing litter from tracking.

The goal of litter mats, which come in a variety of designs, is to remove litter off your cat’s paws.

Put a cat litter mat over the area where your cat steps out of their litter box or tray to use it properly.

The litter will come off as they walk over it because of the fabric of the mat.

You only need to regularly clean the litter off the mat, not your entire home!

2. Change The Type Of Cat Litter You Use

Certain cat litters are much more likely to track than others.

Stop Your Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere: 7 Methods

The most widely used type of cat litter is clay, but it also spreads fur everywhere and is the worst offender in this regard.

This is because it readily sticks to your cat’s paws after getting wet and gets tracked around the home.

Large granules that don’t stick to paws as easily make up the best cat litters for reducing tracking and don’t leave as much of a trail.

If you switch to cat litter made of silica, wood, wheat, or paper, litter tracking will be much reduced.

3. Don’t Overfill It

Overusing litter will significantly worsen your tracking issue.

Your cat’s fur will readily catch the litter, causing it to fall out of the box and end up all over the house.

Make sure your litter box has no more than 8 cm (roughly 3 inches) of cat litter in it to reduce this.

4. Keep It Clean

Your cat will dig deeper to discover clean, new litter if the litter box is unclean.

Stop Your Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere: 7 Methods

When they dig, debris will stick to their feet and be tracked around the house.

Remove waste from their litter box at least twice daily to avoid this by doing so every day.

If you use clumping litter, remove urine clumps every day; if you use non-clumping litter, change the litter as soon as it appears that more over half of the available litter is drenched in pee.

5. Try A Different Litter Box

An inadequate litter box or tray might make litter tracking worse.

Stop Your Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere: 7 Methods

Litter can be kicked out easily from low-sided litter trays.

Trying a different kind of litter box will really help; here are a couple you might want to think about:

A Bigger Litter Box

Simply upgrading to a larger litter box might have a significant impact.

When it comes to litter boxes, bigger is usually preferable because it gives your cat more room to move around and makes more clean litter available, which eliminates the need for as much digging.

When the litter is kicked around, the larger litter box will be better equipped to contain it if they dig.

High Sided Box

Cats prefer to dig in their litter, and if your litter box has low sides, this digging habit can result in a significant amount of litter being kicked all over the floor.

The amount of litter kicked out of a litter box will be greatly decreased by purchasing one with high sides.

Additionally, it increases the likelihood that litter will fall off before your cat exits the litter box because they have to lift their paws higher.

Top Entry Litter Box

Stop Your Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere: 7 Methods

Senior cats who are less mobile might not be able to use top entry litter boxes, but for the majority of cats, they are the ideal solution for almost eliminating litter tracking.

As the name implies, top entry litter boxes have their entrance at the top. This implies that your cat must climb up and out of the litter box after finishing their business.

As they get out after climbing up, the majority of the litter will slip off their paws.

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Box With Hood

Litter cannot be kicked out of a litter box at all when it has a hood.

Additionally, if you use a litter mat, your cat will have to walk on it because there is only one path in and out of the litter box.

The other advantage of using a hooded box is that they are effective at trapping odors as well. Just be sure to keep an eye on the condition of the litter box, though, as the problem with doing so is that you may not always be aware when it needs cleaning, which will lead to your cat digging more (and possibly peeing in inappropriate places), which won’t help reduce tracking.

6. Trim Paw Hair

Keep a close eye on the hair on your cat’s paws if they have long hair.

Stop Your Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere: 7 Methods

In order to prevent litter from tracking out of the litter box, keep your pet’s paw hair neatly clipped and short. Long paw hair will trap litter in it.

7. Move The Litter Box To A Closed Off Space

Keeping your cat’s litter box in a room that is closed off is a good way to stop tracking.

You might store it inside a box or cabinet, for instance, or you could put your litter box within a larger litter box.

By doing this, you can ideally prevent litter crumbs from landing on your carpet by forcing your cat to take a few steps inside the closet or containment area after using the restroom.

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