It's crucial to consider the causes if you've discovered that your cat frequently has feces attached to their fur.

It's crucial to consider the causes if you've discovered that your cat frequently has feces attached to their fur.

get poop out of cat fur

Animals that take pride in grooming themselves and maintaining immaculate fur include cats. Cats may have excrement stuck in their fur, and they will need assistance cleaning it.

Fortunately, cleaning your cat’s fur once more isn’t too difficult.

The area should typically be wet, any clumps of feces should be removed, and then cat shampoo should be applied before rinsing and drying.

This will help get rid of the odor and the feces while preventing any skin irritation from the poop.

What You Need:

You can remove feces from your cat’s fur with this approach.

To remove the feces and clean your cat’s fur quickly and with the least amount of stress, it is simpler to gather all the items you need and have them ready in the bathroom.

You will require:

  • A jug
  • cat shampoo
  • An old long sleeve top
  • Rubber gloves
  • A plastic bag
  • A clean cloth/ wipes
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • A clean towel 

1. Dilute Cat Shampoo With Soapy Water

In a pitcher of water, first add some cat shampoo (dilute the shampoo with 1 part shampoo to 5 parts water).

It’s important to note that using human shampoo on your cat could result in skin issues. If you can, in a pinch, combine 4 cups of water, 1 cup of mild dish soap, and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.

This mixture will only be applied to the unclean fur, as giving your cat a full bath, which many cats find upsetting, is not recommended.

It will be simpler to use, kinder to your cat’s skin, and more effective to rinse away any smaller feces particles if the mixture has already been diluted.

2. Wear Long Sleeves and Gloves

Wear gloves or long sleeves before picking up your cat to avoid scratching your arms.

Additionally, put on a pair of rubber gloves because you’ll be picking poop fragments out of your cat’s fur and the gloves will help to protect you from bacteria and scratches.

Ideally, this won’t be necessary, but it’s best to keep this in mind. It’s best to choose clothing that you don’t mind possibly throwing away after use.

3. Wash the Dirty Fur 

get poop out of cat fur

Pick up your cat and pet them when they’re relaxed or asleep.

Offer them sweets and maintain a calm tone of voice.

The bathroom is the finest place to take your cat, as it will be simpler to manage them there.

Talk to your cat and pet them like you normally would.

Position your cat over the sink or bathtub when you’re ready to start cleaning your cat’s fur.

First, if you can, take out any larger bits and place them in a plastic bag so you can get rid of them later.

Make sure to handle the cat’s waste with care to avoid hurting it.

The region where the waste is lodged should next be moistened with a wet towel.

To get rid of as much of the feces as you can, wet the surface and wipe it down.

4. Comb the Area

Use a comb to get rid of the remaining feces after removing some with the towel.

get poop out of cat fur

If your cat is being hurt while being combed, proceed softly and stop.

If your cat has lengthy hair, it can take longer, but be careful and alternate between the cloth and the comb as necessary.

5. Wash with the Soapy Water

Now that the majority of the feces have been eliminated, massage the shampoo mixture into the regions were the feces were.

Make sure to thoroughly wash all of the afflicted areas with soapy water to help get rid of any odor and any residual excrement.

Make sure to clean the entire coat, not just the top layer, if your cat has lengthy hair.

6. Rinse with Clean Water

Rinse the soap mixture off with some fresh water.

Either use a mild sprayer to rinse the fur, or refill the jug with fresh water.

Check the area to make sure all of the excrement has been gone and the fur seems clean after washing away all of the shampoo combination.

7. Dry the Washed Area

Use a towel to dry your cat off after bathing.

Use the cloth to gently wipe the area to get rid of as much wetness as you can.

get poop out of cat fur

Once the fur is dry, give your cat treats and let them out of the bathroom.

8. Clean Up

You need to clean up the bathroom now that your kitty is clean and smelling good.

Once you’ve collected all the excrement, put it in a bag, secure it, and throw it away.

Clean the tub or sink and all of the tools you have used.

You can either wash your clothes, towels, and other items in a washing machine or dispose of them.

That’s it; the fur on your cat is now tidy.

This is not a problem that cat owners should frequently deal with, so if you have observed it happening a few times recently, think about the potential causes and, if you are worried, take your cat to the doctor for a checkup.

Is It A Recurring Issue? 

It’s crucial to consider the causes if you’ve discovered that your cat frequently has feces attached to their fur.

The more frequent causes for this issue are outlined below:


An issue with your cat’s food is one of the main reasons of this condition.

The consistency of your cat’s excrement is going to depend on what they eat.

They can have food allergies, have an unbalanced diet, or have experienced a reaction after recently changing their diet.


It’s possible that your cat is passing loose stools that are becoming tangled in their fur.

If your cat has diarrhea, you should regularly brush their fur to stop the loose stools from irritating their skin.

A veterinarian should examine your cat to rule out other potential causes of diarrhea and to identify and treat the problem.

Long Fur 

This problem is more likely to affect long-haired cats than short-haired cats.

Trimming the fur around your long-haired cat’s bottom may be necessary if this issue has come up a few times.

get poop out of cat fur

You can lessen the frequency with which excrement gets trapped in their fur by cutting this area.

Repeating this type of hygiene trim on a regular basis will be necessary to prevent the fur from getting too long.

An Issue with the Litter Box 

Their litter box is another potential factor.

Perhaps the litter is too high or needs to be cleaned out more frequently.

To ensure that your cat feels secure and private when using the litter box, keep it clean and place it in a quiet, low-traffic location of the house.

If you have two cats, place 3 litter boxes around the home; otherwise, always have 1 litter box per cat plus 1.


Cats clean themselves, so if you notice that they frequently have excrement trapped in their fur, it may be a sign that something is amiss.

This can only signify that the litter box needs to be replaced, or it might indicate that they have a medical condition that needs to be addressed by a veterinarian.

Using warm water and cat shampoo to remove cat excrement from the fur is quite simple.

Once your cat is clean and dry, consider addressing the underlying problem to stop recurrences.

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