how to calm a cat

how to calm a cat 2022

calm a cat

Like people, cats can become upset when their lives change and occasionally need to be calmed down.

Though they may appear cool, collected, and composed, our feline friends are prone to stress or fear.

A new resident coming in, a change in the environment, a trip to the veterinarian, or moving to a new home are examples of common triggers.

And cats are extremely independent beings, as anyone who owns one can attest.

This implies that soothing a stressed-out cat can be challenging. but not insurmountable.

Let’s learn more about how to recognize when a cat is stressed or anxious and how to soothe him or her.

How To Spot A Stressed-out Cat

Like us, cats occasionally require calming down when their lives change and can become angry.

Despite their outward appearance of calmness and composure, our feline friends are vulnerable to anxiety or stress.

Common triggers include the arrival of a new resident, a change in the environment, a visit to the veterinarian, or relocation to a new residence.

And everyone who has a cat will attest to the fact that cats are incredibly independent creatures.

This suggests that calming down a tense cat can be difficult. but not impossible.

Let’s find out more about how to spot a nervous or anxious cat and how to calm them down.

  • Tense muscles
  • Sitting in a crouched position
  • Tail tucked into the body
  • Head lowered
  • Ears pointing sideways
  • Dilated pupils
  • Eating or  drinking less
  • Vomiting
  • Avoiding the litter tray 

Some cats even hide when they’re stressed.

For instance, if your cat hides in a closet or cupboard whenever you have guests over, it is definitely uncomfortable with the newcomers.

However, how can you quiet a cat?

A stressed-out cat will prefer solitude to human contact.

This means that you shouldn’t attempt to pick the cat up because this could add to its anxiousness.

Despite their anxiety, cats are independent animals.

calm a cat

It also helps to understand why cats act the way they do.

So, let’s take a closer look at the mentality of a cat and a few tips on how to create a peaceful environment for your pet.

Understand The Cat Mentality

Stress in cats is frequently brought on by change. They enjoy routines and a comfortable setting.

To put it simply, because they are sensitive, any long-term adjustments should be made gradually to give the cat time to get used to them.

Moving to a new home is a good illustration because it may be highly traumatic for cats.

However, according to experts in cat behavior, pressure can be reduced by using the sense of scent.

In order to create a sense of familiarity, you can accomplish this by including a piece of unwashed clothing in your suitcase or sleeping bag.

This ought to assist in calming the cat.

Another thing to keep in mind is that cats will rub their faces on objects and areas to make them scent.

They use it to denote their region.

Rub their face with a cloth while moving or bringing in new furniture, then wipe the cloth across the furniture.

Your cat will feel more at ease and it will appear more familiar in this manner.

However, gradual transformation is the key to success.

If you move too quickly, your cat could become startled and terrified.

Create A Special Cat Area

Cats like to be warm and cosy in a place where they feel safe.

calm a cat

As long as they are not imprisoned, they enjoy having a space all to themselves.

This is why making a special space for your cat could serve as a haven during stressful times.

But where would be the ideal location to designate an unique cat area?

The cat will determine this. Some cats enjoy hiding behind objects.

And other cats enjoy scaling tall buildings in search of safety.

Find a cozy place that can serve as your cat’s own zone if your cat enjoys hiding.

Consider purchasing an elevated cat bed or climbing tree if your cat enjoys climbing.

If you have a cat that is especially sensitive, you might even want to invest in both.

Use Essential Oils And Music

A cat’s sense of smell is very essential to them, and they have quite strong reactions to certain odours.

Try using a cat-safe essential oil to quiet down your stressed-out cat.

Put a few drops in a space where the cat spends a lot of time to achieve this.

Veterinarians can use essential oils to calm aggressive cats. Valerian is one such oil that has a highly relaxing aroma.

Sound can have a big impact on cats as well.

A cat might be very uneasy around loud noise. White noise or light music, though, can be calming to your cat pal.

especially if your cat spends a lot of time inside alone.

In fact, scientists have discovered that “species-specific” music appeals to cats.

This refers to music that mimics their natural communication in terms of frequency and tempo.

Consider purring noises and natural elements.

So, if your cat is anxious, try using cat-safe essential oils and playing calming music to see if that helps to calm it down.

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A Happy Cat Is A Healthy Cat

Any pet owner will understand the value of an animal’s happiness and health. Being happy is not just for people.

Pets have feelings, too, and changes to routines or their environment can throw them off-balance.

Particularly sensitive animals include cats.

They prefer a comfortable, cozy, and familiar setting.

They prefer to live independently and to be left alone, but they also enjoy being cuddled and petted when they need it.

Additionally, they have the capacity to be both demanding and dismissive.

For the majority of cat owners, there is no other option.

But it can be worthwhile to attempt some of the aforementioned techniques if your cat exhibits symptoms of anxiousness.

while simultaneously attempting to determine what is causing the stress.

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